March 30, 2012

Style Me Chic: Baby Shower Honoree

After seeing last week's Style Me Chic on baby shower attendees, Kara asked if I would put together one for her shower! Her guidelines: the outfit must be $100 or less and not be tube top or sleeveless. As I was doing my research I found that ShopBop has a maternity shop - there is a God!!!

I found a lot of options from Asos...

And here are some other great frocks I found!

March 29, 2012

Fashion Star: Week 3

Here are my picks from this week's episode! I've also thought all the price points have been fair, which I think they could have easily inflated and they still would have sold, due to the program.

A black jumper is a classic piece...I have one with a tube top, but I wouldn't mind picking this one up as well!

Macy's, $79

These shorts fit in perfectly with the current floral bottom trend.

Macy's, $59
You can't tell in the photo below, but the pocket detail on this dress is in the same contrasted color as the waistband. So chic!

Saks, $295

March 28, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday

The shoes that I featured in last week's Style Me Chic are ones that I am coveting for spring...perfect compliment to any outfit!

March 27, 2012

Say Something Nice

Just another reason why I love NYC...because only there, would you find something like this!

March 26, 2012

H&M Glamourous Conscious Collection

First they were the uber-trendy euro brand. Next they were buying lay people's designs on Fashion Star. And now, they will be rocking the red carpet. H&M will debut their new collection on April 12th and wait until you see these photos!

March 23, 2012

Style Me Chic: Baby Shower Guest

One of my good friends has several baby showers to attend in the next month and is trying to figure out what to wear, as some friends (myself included!) will spill over into other showers, so she will need 3 different outfits. Below were my suggestions for her. Click on any piece for more information, and click HERE for the chevron dress.

March 22, 2012

Fashion Star: Week 2

The dress that Saks picked up this week (after a battle with H&M) I really liked - however, the color that is on sale is a gray plaid, which I think is terrible. I liked the black, which gave it a very mod look (with the exception of the back tie). Again, this translates much better on the runway.

Saks, $325
One piece that wasn't bought that I liked was Ross Bennett's bolero, in black that is. The prints did not work at all. Definitely expected a nod from Saks. I searched high and low to find a photo of this, but unfortunately was unable to find.

Did you watch? What did you like that was picked up or that wasn't?

March 21, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday

What a great pop of color to add to your summer wardrobe! I love the structure, as I don't have a single handbag that resembles this one. Another bonus, you can wear it several ways, including as a cross body bag, so while you're on a shopping spree during vaca you can have both hands free. I'm typically not into handbags in bright colors; I prefer neutral tones, so it works out that it comes in other colors as well!

March 16, 2012

Kate Moss + Mango

I haven't seen Kate Moss in a hot sec, so I thought I'd share her Mango Spring 2012 ad campaign, which I think is fab! Do you shop at Mango? I've only browsed, but never purchased...

Photo credit

March 15, 2012

Fashion Star: Week 1

Who watched Fashion Star – and what did you think? I didn’t tune in until 10pm (it started at 9.30), as I was engrossed in an episode of Law & Order. However, I loved what I saw!! I loved hearing the design process of each and the advice of the mentors. As a former buyer, I would love to be up there helping to pick the next big designer. 

Here were my two favorite looks that were purchased. I didn't see anything that I loved that wasn't picked up - did you? I was disappointed (albeit not surprised) that the dresses were sold out by the time I got to check them out online. Did you snag any pieces?

H&M, $19.95
This picture doesn't do this frock justice at all! There are pockets on the front which give it a very structured look, that I love!

Macy's, $89

March 14, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday

I have always loved monograms, and when I saw this necklace, I knew it would top my wishlist! There is a rack of things I've got on my monogram wishlist for after I get married (towels is a close second to this necklace!). The intertwining of the letters is so classic, it is simply perfect!

March 13, 2012

Fashion + Diet Coke

Yet again I have come across two of my favorite things combined. However, this time, as a slightly more creepy version than I wrote about here.

If you didn't already know, Jean Paul Gaultier is now the Creative Director for Diet Coke (odd pick for each of them, if you ask me). This is the second video he has developed for the brand...what do you think?

March 12, 2012

YSL: The Retrospective

Yves Saint Laurent will be exhibiting The Retrospective in Paris, Madrid and Colorado. That's right - the traveling exhibit will be on display at the Denver Art Museum beginning March 25th and running through July 8th. The show will feature 200 haute couture outfits, photographs, drawings and films. Tickets are only $22 - now if only I already had a trip planned out there...