May 31, 2011

Fashion for Paws

Happy birthday Elsie, my fabulous beagle-jack russell mix! Today she turns 5. To mark this milestone birthday, she got a new home, aka crate. It matches all our furniture and looks much better than the wire crate she had as a pup.

May 30, 2011

Happy Summer, Happy Cheryl!

It's summer, and that means time for a new purse! I've been lusting after this Louis Vuitton since last summer and decided to treat myself. We aren't going on vacation this year (due to the 6 weddings we are attending), so I needed something to brighten up my summer!
I have the Speedy 25 in the original monogram and loved the style. However, it is slightly too small for everything I need to pack in. So, this time I upgraded to the Speedy 30 which is much roomier.

May 29, 2011

J’adore Louis Vuitton

2011 marks the 20th anniversary since Louis Vuitton entered China. As part of the celebration, an exhibition entitled “Voyages” will be on display at the National Museum of China in Bejing from May 29th to August 30th. I wonder how much flights are to China?! The exhibit will focus on LV’s “historical association with travel” featuring luggage from past to present. Insiders say rare bags will also be on display. Here's hoping for lots of photos to be posted!

Reference: Jing Daily

May 28, 2011


Pools are open and beaches are packed this weekend, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite swimsuits and coverups of the season.

Pucci and Missoni always have excellent suits because of their fabulous prints. But it's really the coverups that have me excited. There are so many I love right now! Below are just a few...

May 27, 2011

Trend: Bracelet Stacking

One of my favorite trends of the moment is bracelet stacking! Putting together a bunch of different bracelets (along with your watch!) is a great way to show your style. Nicole, of Nicole’s Guide to Style, creates this look flawlessly! Paired with her Cartier Tank watch she added (from left to right) Hermes Clic Clac, Vintage, Sergio Lub, Cartier Rose Gold/Diamond Charity.

Below are some great summer options for bracelet stacking. I am loving Chan Luu’s designs, I could have listed a million of them! However, if the price tag makes you cringe, Shashi makes a reasonable alternative.

Enamel bangles are also fun to stack and can add a nice splash of color to your outfit. Hermes Clic Clac (shown in Nicole’s photo) is by far my favorite, although the price is not. Below are some more affordable, yet still fashionable, options.

May 26, 2011


I have always had a love for nail polish and its never ending color pallet. I truly believe that nail polish is as just as much an accessory as jewelry is; the color you wear speaks to your fashion sense.

I’ve yet to find my perfect summer shade, but I am enjoying OPI’s Bullish on OPI on my toes at the moment. Mostly red, with a hint of coral.

MSN recently posted an article entitled, America’s Most Wanted Nail Polish. The article highlights the most popular colors in cities across the US. While I’m onboard with NYC’s choice, I definitely do not agree with DC’s. Do you think each city is represented properly in these colors?

May 25, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

I think Charlotte Olympia makes one hot pump! Her unique take on the platform is eye-catching and makes such a statement. The pair that really has me drooling is Paloma. Satin platform with ruffles? Perfection!


Olivia Palmero is one of her biggest fans, and has been seen around NYC wearing several styles of the designer’s shoes.

Left: Bebel Leopard Platform        Center: Suede Leaf Open Toe Ankle Boots       Right: Paloma

May 24, 2011

Fashion Apps

I got an iPhone a few months ago, and am still looking for fun apps to download! Below are some of my favorite fashion ones. What’s dangerous, is that you can purchase through your iPhone as well.

Neiman Marcus Gifts – a “gift” is posted daily, and usually under $300

Bergdorf Goodman Shoe-of-the-Day – a shoe is posted daily, however, not as affordable as sister store NM. I like this one, because they’re usually shoes I wouldn’t browse for

Rue La La and Gilt – the amazing sample sale-esque websites conveniently alert you when new sales start

Gucci – they have a fun section called children’s collection: playground. Here you can play dress up or draw & color. Check out what I put together when I was playing around with the app. You can also view their collections, listen to music, watch videos or find a store

What are some of your favorite fashion apps?

May 22, 2011

Bloggers do it Better

For those of you who don’t know about this initiative, Bloggers do it Better was started by Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly. The concept is simple: she posts an assignment and we (bloggers) must create the trend in our own perspective and post a photo of ourselves displaying the look.

Since I’m new to the blog scene, this will be my first assignment, #3: menswear prep. The one must-have is a tie (or bow tie). Without further ado, below is my interpretation of the style challenge.

What I'm wearing:
American Apparel wife beater, Express vest (not the exact one, but very similar), Express tie, Forever21 shorts, Nine West Rocha heels, Michele CSX watch

May 20, 2011

Wedding Season

wedding season is in full swing, and i have 7 invites already! for my close friends, i'd much rather find a gift i really love for them, instead of just getting something off their registry. this year i found some really unique gifts.

bridal showers: customized hangers with their future last name. perfect for hanging a wedding gown, which makes for a great photo opp.

wedding: kate spade came out with a new line, wedding belles (and whistles), which has tons fabulous accessories and gifts.

May 19, 2011

Glamour for a Good Cause

My style is mostly "girly", so I even surprised myself when I purchased a pair of TOMS. When they first hit stores in 2006, I thought they were dreadful looking! However, with each visit to NYC that I made, I continuously saw girls wearing them with leggings and jeggings, and they began to grow on me. So during my most recent trip to the city, I bought a pair, made exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman.

These aren’t the exact ones I have, but they are very similar. The sparkle made it “fancy” enough that I thought it could work with my wardrobe. The difference between those made for Bergdorf’s (besides the price - almost double!) is the label on the back of the shoe; metal vs. fabric.

I don’t wear them that often, but they are perfect for traveling – easy to slip on and off for airport censors. Not to mention they keep my feet warm on the plane, since it’s always cold! Finally, TOMS is an amazing company that matches every pair of shoes purchased, by giving a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Their motto: One for One.

May 18, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for a quick getaway weekend in NYC, or a long vaca in St. Tropez, you always need a good carry-on! Since college I have used the (annoyingly ugly) Vera Bradley duffel bag. It was a great size that carried everything I needed. Along with my (now) serious dislike for the vibrant pattern, the bag is also fabric, which means it can soak up any sort of liquid – from rain to a spilled soda. Needless to say, the bag has taken a toll over the years.

Which brings me to what I need (yes, need) now:

Not only is it fabulous because it’s LV, but it’s also timeless. This will be a piece I will use forever. Additionally, the bag is canvas, which makes it easy to clean and the shoulder strap will be useful when trekking through airports. Hopefully I will be carrying this on my next trip...

May 17, 2011

Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa

First let me preface this by saying I love the company I work for! Recently the owner presented me with a little red bag as a token of appreciation for the countless hours I bill each month.

I know this little red bag well. My college girlfriends got me a gift card to the Red Door for my 30th birthday and I have been looking forward to using it for months. I’ve never been to this particular spa, but it is a chain that I have heard wonderful things about. When I opened the gift card box, I was expecting a similar monetary gift card. However, the company had gone all out, and chosen the most expensive package they sell! I nearly drooled as I read the menu of my future spa day: desert hot stone massage, ultimate arden facial, spa lunch, olive oil pedi, olive oil mani, shampoo/blowout/finish, makeup refresher.

And the best part of all? I was instructed to use this on a weekday! Ahhhh, heaven awaits.

May 15, 2011

beauty bliss

In an effort to shy away from the tanning bed (I’m down to just one day a week!) and postpone the inevitable botox I will need, I’ve finally found a bronzer that I love! After searching and experimenting with too many to count, I found one that works perfectly with my (light) complexion.

I’ve found that some bronzers look great when you’re at the cosmetic counter (under the store’s fluorescent light), but when you get home, your face looks bare! Other times it appears much too orangey, and I’d rather shy away from looking like an oompa-loompa. MAC’s has the perfect blend for an all-over facial bronzer, yet can also double as a blush for a toned down look.