May 26, 2011


I have always had a love for nail polish and its never ending color pallet. I truly believe that nail polish is as just as much an accessory as jewelry is; the color you wear speaks to your fashion sense.

I’ve yet to find my perfect summer shade, but I am enjoying OPI’s Bullish on OPI on my toes at the moment. Mostly red, with a hint of coral.

MSN recently posted an article entitled, America’s Most Wanted Nail Polish. The article highlights the most popular colors in cities across the US. While I’m onboard with NYC’s choice, I definitely do not agree with DC’s. Do you think each city is represented properly in these colors?


Jana said...

hmm it's hard to say.. I think it totally depends on the SEASON!!

ekuwano said...

i don't think they got this 100% accurate BUT- i want the nyc chanel for myself!!!