May 30, 2011

Happy Summer, Happy Cheryl!

It's summer, and that means time for a new purse! I've been lusting after this Louis Vuitton since last summer and decided to treat myself. We aren't going on vacation this year (due to the 6 weddings we are attending), so I needed something to brighten up my summer!
I have the Speedy 25 in the original monogram and loved the style. However, it is slightly too small for everything I need to pack in. So, this time I upgraded to the Speedy 30 which is much roomier.


thisladybehaves said...

It is lovely!!! HAIL LOUIS VUITTON! i do prefer the darker one... but you should only get whatever rocks your boat! GOT TO BE WORTH IT!

Swan's Samplings said...

Does it get dirty with your jeans rubbing against it??

cheryl denise said...

Nope - I haven't had a problem with that!