May 29, 2011

J’adore Louis Vuitton

2011 marks the 20th anniversary since Louis Vuitton entered China. As part of the celebration, an exhibition entitled “Voyages” will be on display at the National Museum of China in Bejing from May 29th to August 30th. I wonder how much flights are to China?! The exhibit will focus on LV’s “historical association with travel” featuring luggage from past to present. Insiders say rare bags will also be on display. Here's hoping for lots of photos to be posted!

Reference: Jing Daily


Rebecca J Designs said...

They should TOTALLY make this a traveling exhibit like the Dead Sea Scrolls... Women would flock to museums for miles!!!!!!!

Lee Oliveira said...

Oh wow. I so need to be there. Nothing better than see a classic LV bag. What a great city to host this event too.