October 7, 2011


Glamping = glamorous camping. And no, apparently this isn't an oxymoron. A new phenomenon is luxury camping, and it has quite the following. This past summer a friend of mine spent the night in a tent, under the stars, on her wedding night. I thought she had lost it! Unfortunately I was unable to attend, so I did not see her setup, but she assured me, it was much like what is now termed "glamping."

I first read an article on CNN which features sites all over the world where you can "rough it in style." Although it still didn't interest me enough to want to camp (why would you want to pretend you're homeless?!) but it intrigued me enough to google this new found saying. I couldn't believe how big this  apparently was - there is even a blog dedicated to this subject.

Are you a camper? If not, would this be something you'd be up for?


Rimi said...

i love camping, and this would be amazing!

L.A. in the bay said...

haha this is my kind of camping!

Anonymous said...

im not a camper, but this is definitely a cool idea, if I ever went camping, Id try this lol

Melissa said...

I hate camping but I would TOTALLY do this! A friend of mine did this when she went to Africa and it looked neat!