June 19, 2012


Cusp is by far one of my favorite stores! The contemporary little sister of Neiman Marcus, is a mecca of goodies! Granted, I can't usually purchase everything I want from there, but it's certainly my go-to for a special piece. Now, all contemporary departments in Neimans will be re-branded as Cusp (a shop within a shop, if you will). It makes perfect sense, and quite frankly, I'm wondering what took so long for them to do this.

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Cassidy Lee said...

Seems really nice! I've never been in one, though, as even my closest Neiman Marcus is about a 45 minute drive!

Mary Ann said...

I don't think I've been in here yet (granted, I don't think I've been to Neiman's since last Christmas or before!), how exciting!

Also, in those photos, I was wearing the Kendra Scott Elle earrings, which are considerably less heavy than the Danielles. I have both and the Elles are much more comfortable. If you like them, I highly recommend them! ;-)

cheryl denise said...

Thanks - I will have to check out the Elle earrings!