June 18, 2012

Weekend in Photos

(clockwise from top left)

1. New cap-toed flats from Steve Madden  2. A flight of Chardonnay at a cute wine bistro  3. Discussions of our upcoming honeymoon over gelato  4. Entrance to 2941, where we celebrated our 4 year anniversary

The winner of the Tiffany Lindsley giveaway is....Melissa Nelson! I will be in touch shortly. Thanks to all who participated!
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Me said...

Bellisime le ballerine=) Let's visit me http://memelavienrose.blogspot.it

Cassidy Lee said...

Great pics! I really love your new shoes!

Sara said...

Love those shoes so much! And that gelato looks absolutely delicious. ;)

Nat said...

Looks like a fun weekend- I tried those flats on too! I owe you an Italy email- I started it, I just need to finish and send it to you!

cheryl denise said...

Oh thanks so much - looking forward to your suggestions!!

his little lady said...

those steve madden flats look absolutely perfect!
great little snippets!
xo TJ