August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

For the last few months while I've been at my bi-weekly nail appointments, I've struggled over what colors I want to use for my wedding day. I came across this and thought it was too cute not to share. Not that this helps me with my dilemma at all, but at least I have 9 more months to try these out and see if I like!


Milly said...

I really like your blog, would you like to follow each other?

Sophie said...

Hi Cheryl! I like your choice of colours for the wedding; be sure to chose a shade that will be flattering on photos, especially if you plan to have a photos of the ring exchange taken.
As to the honeymoon, you should perhaps consider a gel manicure (but only for that occasion! they're not very good for your nails and the UV rays can get you skin cancer) so you don't have to worry about bright colours chipping.