April 15, 2013

Beauty Haul

Sephora is having their annual sale, with 15% of e-verything (using code: CHIC)! Here's what I've got on my list...
Bite Beauty Honey Lip Lacquer - promises to moisturize like a balm, shine like a gloss and wear down to a stain
Dior Backstage Hero Kit - I love their classic DiorShow, so I'm looking forward to trying their new mascaras
Butter London in MacBeth - the perfect coral shade for summer!
Rosebud Salve - my all-time favorite lip gloss
Amazing Cosmetics Concealer - I've been wanting to try this since I found out Angie uses this...and if it's strong enough for her to wear on TV, it must be good!
StriVectin Power Trio for Wrinkles - trying out this brand, per Lauren's review


Champagne Darling said...

Rosebud Salve - a classic and a necessity!

xo Danai

Anonymous said...

Lovely colors!