May 13, 2013

Louis Vuitton: Speedy Retrospective

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Speedy Retrospective event at Galleria's LV. Beginning with a cocktail dubbed the "Sweet Speedy" the store had been outfitted with all the famous Speedys throughout the years.

Wall of Speedys
My favorite - leopard, of course!
What was most interesting though, was the on-site technician demonstrating the process of assembling the handles. The middle is sewn through a machine, however, the ends are pulled through by hand. Each technician is trained in only one type of strap, so the person working on Speedys would not be the same as those making straps for the Artsys.

Tools and accessories to make the handles
Handles, throughout each process
Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the evening were the photos! Everyone grabbed sunnies, scarves and bags to pose with for a keepsake photo.

LaZette and I, the jetsetters!

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