July 19, 2013

Musings Around the Internet

As if I weren't already a Mac-convert...

Happy Apple by aleXsandro Palombo

Society has us under the impression that a model's career is over by her early 20s. Jennie Rhodes, 81, is putting a stop to that stereotype. She was just signed with Vielma to be the face of their new campaign. Love, love, love this!

Jennie Rhodes

Elsie (my dog) is a girl, but because she is a beagle/jack russell, she doesn't look very girly. Even though she has a pink collar and leash, people still come up to her and assume she is a boy. I've thought about how this may be an issue if we have a baby girl, and she doesn't have hair early on. Insert baby bangs. They seriously think of everything, don't they?!

Baby Bangs

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