October 27, 2011

Trend: Chevron

I am loving the chevron print that is literally everywhere right now! From clothing and accessories, to home decor, you can spice up any part of your life with this surprisingly basic design.


Kristen said...

i freaking love stripes and chevron anything. anything!!

OneVoice said...

I'm also loving this pattern!

Sophie said...

I looove it!! Especially the Sally Hansen nail adhesive patches! I tried these out in black and white chevron and everyone kept complimenting me on them! :D

L.A. in the bay said...

aren't those drawer liners amazing!?

Unknown said...

Def. been wanting to redesign my entire bedroom around chevrons for the last few weeks haha but I've held myself off since I change my mind on bedroom decor every other day. So for now I'm coveting this chevron clutch from red velvet.