November 17, 2011

Pantyhose - In Style Again?

My first job out of college required me to wear pantyhouse if I wore a skirt or dress - archaic, I know! I even tried to slide by with a dress and tall boots, but the nazi-HR director apparently stared at my knees. After I left that job, I cheerfully said goodbye to those dreadful things!!

With Kate Middleton as a fashion icon, and her proper dress code, do you think pantyhose will make a comeback? L'eggs just lauched it's first ad campaign in 15 years, clearly hoping the answer is yes. Perhaps they will make a European comeback first? I can safely say, I refuse to take part in the resurgence. I have a difficult time even wearing tights - that I actually like the look of - because of the lack of comfort.


Fitness By Alicia said...

I worked in the legal profession so I had to wear pantyhose for interviews and if I was in court. I absolutely hate them and really hope they don't make a comeback.

L.A. in the bay said...

Thick pantyhouse are so in right now