December 22, 2011

Bedroom Re-design

We are getting ready to do a re-haul on our master bed/bath. We already completed painting our master bedroom (cream, with a dark red accent wall) and now it's time for the next steps. We have been looking for a new comforter/bed sheet set, but with me being so picky, and my fiancé not sharing my love for animal print, it's been difficult. That all changed when I saw an article in the January Instyle magazine. We will be using this sheet set and this luxe faux fur blanket, both from Restoration Hardware, to emulate this look. I die over this picture and can't wait to see it everyday in my room!!

Next up - California closets! We're not technically using that brand name, but everyone knows what they are so it's just easier to describe. The set we will be using is Ikea's PAX system. You can design your own closet on their website; here is what I have put together for my side of the closet:

Finally, we are having our master bathroom painted. When we bought the house, both rooms were a moss green. Not an ugly color, it just didn't fit us. After many battles, we finally chose Metallic Black Cherry. Once it's complete we will be on the hunt for new towels and rugs to complete the look.


Sarah Hartley said...

Good luck with the redesign! I'd love to do something like that but since we rent, we can't. Boo :(

L.A. in the bay said...

right there with the girl above!! can't wait to see!

cthai3 said...

It took forever to come to an agreement :)