December 15, 2011

Rome's Iconic Cobblestone + High Heels

If any city in the world can call itself a fashion capital, I'll safely assume it's Rome (home to Gucci and Fendi's headquarters), based on this new information. Rome's mayor Gianni Alemanno stated they have plans to smooth many of the city's cobblestoned sidewalks and streets to a more even cobblestone. What spurred this change? Women and their high heels! That's right, Rome is giving in to the cries of millions of women trying to walk in 5 inch heels on the bumpy cobblestone roads. Now that is a change I fully endorse!

"You know you're in a city that takes fashion seriously when its roads are designed to help high-heeled women walk safely and avoid damaging their precious Italian shoes" -Daily UK Mail


Rimi said...

Ha!! This is fantastic lol

L.A. in the bay said...

those shoes are pretty awesome