January 3, 2012

Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Ever since I got engaged, I've been wanting a heavy duty jewelry cleaner. I hadn't begun my research when I received this jewelry cleaner for Christmas.

I'm not going to lie - it is a process to get this contraption together, considering I'm used to just dropping my ring in the solution my ring's designer gave me. However, after I saw the power of this steam, it seemed like a "deeper" clean to me. What I also like about this cleaner, is that it can be used on all my jewelry as well! So while I don't think I'll be using this as often as the other solution, I do think it's a good machine to use every now and then to clean my entire collection.

What do you use for cleaning your baubles?


Kristen said...

that's incredible, i need to myself one of those puppies!

granola2glam.blogspot.com said...

Definitely invest in a great steam cleaner and ultrasonic device. Here's what I recommend: http://www.economicallychic.com/2012/01/cleaning-your-engagement-ring.html