January 2, 2012

New Years Resolution

Last year my new years resolution was to wash my face every night. As easy as this sounds, I'm lazy and if it gets too late, I just don't want to get out of my warm cozy bed. However, as I get older and more fine lines are popping up, I really need to get serious. Therefore, I am repeating my new years resolution. Here is the roundup of my current beauty products; is there anything I'm missing that you love to use?

1. MAC makeup wipes
2. Clinique 7 day scrub cream
3. Aveda tourmaline charged radiance masque
4. Billy Jealousy anti-aging serum
5. Oil of Olay Pro-X day lotion, night and eye cream
6. Clinique rinse-off foaming cleanser
7. Clinique clarifying lotion


Laura said...

I need to make this resolution too, thanks for sharing these products :)

Happy New Year!

Kristen said...

omg, that's my resolution too!! i'm in the same boat, i know it's gross, but sometimes i'm just too tired

L.A. in the bay said...

this is a great resolution. I am the same way. Always too lazy to wash my mascara off or scrub my face.

RosaLovesDC said...

Great resolution. I would recommend a Clarisonic, it really makes a difference and it is a great investment,

Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

Great roundup! I try to be really good about skincare - I love all things Kate Sommerville and Dr. Dennis Gross!

cheryl denise said...

@rosa I keep hearing about te clarisonic, I need to really look into it!!