July 13, 2012


I recently came across a line of jewelry named Rebecca, which is made in Italy, and absolutely fell in love! Luckily there is a store about an hour away that sells this brand, so I'm looking forward to checking it out next time I'm in the area. What do you think? Have you heard of this brand? Seen it? Bought it?

Half Moon Ring
Half Moon Glam Ring
Soleil Ring


Melissa said...

I have not heard of it but really like it! I'll have to look for it too!

Fashion Infatuation said...

Never heard of it, but those are lovely rings. I especially like the middle one :)

Anonymous said...

I love Rebecca jewelry! It definitely looks even better in person than online - I have a ruby/amethyst ring that I adore!

Nat said...

Wow never heard of it but I like it!