July 10, 2012

Review: Kate Spade Towels

After we re-painted our bathroom, I had a difficult time finding towels to go with it. I finally chose Kate Spade's Larabee towels (light gray), and while they were not as thick as I had wanted, I loved the muted pattern. It's been about 4 months now since we've been using them, and they are beginning to discolor...similar to if they had been bleached. That being said, if you too love the pattern, I would  suggest putting them in a guest bathroom or powder room that isn't used on a daily basis.


Nat said...

That's a bummer to hear about those towels- especially since they're Kate Spade but I must admit they are really cute!

Unknown said...

I got the exact same towels as wedding gifts & the same thing has happened to mine. They look like they have been bleached (areas of the towel are now a pinkish color). I have no bleach in my house & never use anything with bleach in it on my towels. I'm disappointed because I love the color & pattern.