April 10, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't gotten a new carry on duffel since college, and am still rocking the (seriously ugly) Vera Bradley. While the pattern is much too bold, the size is absolutely perfect. And since this wish has yet to come true, I've decided to tone down my request for a new one. Very much needed for our upcoming wedding and honeymoon!


Nat said...

I have that bag and I LOVE it! Plus I don't care how beat up it gets since it's just nylon.

A Viza Style said...

I just posted about finding a new travel bag my self this morning! I have not looked at this Longchamp one before, but I know people love this brand.



Unknown said...

I have recently been thinking about how I need a new carry on too-- then I saw that you mentioned your current one from college thats Vera... I have the exact some thing! Hahaha, I love this one-- go for it!!

London Loafers said...