May 17, 2012

Fashion Star: Week 10

While I think Kara has a great eye for fashion forward pieces, I think her style is just too edgy for a collection that fits in all three stores. I was really shocked that she won the entire competition. Here are a couple pieces I did like in her collection. But don't you think that they all have such a similar feel? I just don't think her collection is diverse enough.

Saks, $325

H&M Romper, $39.95

I absolutely loved (and would have ran out and bought) the jumpers that Ronnie designed for H&M. I also thought the cut of the suit that Nzimoro made for Saks was on point; so chic! Alas, they did not win, however, I truly believe that Ronnie will have no problem getting picked up in stores as he moves forward in his career.


Cassidy Lee said...

I absolutely love that first white dress, it's so pretty!

Allison said...

I was totally rooting for "Zamimi." Loved loved loved him, as well as the cute banter he and Nicole shared all season :)