May 10, 2012

Fashion Star: Week 9

I was so happy to see that each designer made more than one piece this week! Unfortunately, it didn't increase the amount of pieces I longed for. While there weren't a lot I liked, I did agree 100% with who the buyers chose as the 3 finalists. Here's a wrap up of my faves...

This trench is a classic silhouette, but a modern twist with the two-tone color. Not to mention the patterned inside. Love!

Macys, $99

Now these trousers may not look like much here, but the cut of them is to die! Wide leg and low waist, perfection.

H&M, $24.95


henning love said...

i LOVE fashion star!! that trench coat is really awesome. i agree too wtih the final three although i was rooting for orly because she didn't have a clear vision each week although she produced some great pieces

Cassidy Lee said...

Loving the trench with red pants!!

Nat said...

I loved the FS trench coat this week!