May 4, 2012


With Justin Timberlake's amazing style, it's no wonder that the "Mint" empire has drafted him as the latest celebrity to collaborate with their brand. HomeMint will feature artwork, dinnerware, furniture and other decor that is designed by both JT and celebrity stylist Estee Stanley. As with their other lines (StyleMint, BeautyMint, ShoeMint), HomeMint will offer membership for $9.99 a month, which goes towards your purchase that month. So what do you think - will you be signing up? Are you members of any of the other brands?

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Nat said...

I haven't signed up for any of them yet but I'm kind of intrigued by HomeMint and Justin Timberlake so I might have to check it out!

Yola Thorp said...

So excited for this.


precious isla said...

hi! i just found your blog,lets follow each other!

Cassidy Lee said...

Ah, if only I had a house of my own I would of course sign up since the partner is Justin! I'm not a member of any of the other Mint services, but I always hear such great things!