March 5, 2013

Trend: Low Pumps

I've been noticing these low pumps around lately and they are certainly intriguing. I'm a high heel gal (I feel so frumpy when in flats), so I'm not sure I'd rock these...but the gold heel keeps catching my eye! What do you think about this new height?


Unknown said...

Low pumps have such a classic feel. I especially love the ferragamo pump, because I think the bow looks cute!

Champagne Darling said...

not so sure about this trend for short girls like me (5'4). I would be fearful of my legs looking stubby...i prefer either flats or high heels...but I should probably try them out before i rule them out lol

xo Danai

Gina land said...

I am not a fan. They are too 'old lady' for me. It reminds me of something my grandma wore in the 80's.