March 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

The sense of smell is so powerful. There was a specific lotion I used on a trip to Hawaii, and anytime I use that same brand, I'm reminded of my time there. Same thing with perfumes...Ralph Lauren Romance spells college days, Cool Water was my first love, Coco Mademoiselle - memories of good times with an old friend. For my wedding day, I want a new scent that will make a new memory. Did you wear a new perfume for your big day? What is your favorite perfume?

(clockwise from top left)


Champagne Darling said...

I haven't tried any of these scents before...but my go to scent is coco mademoiselle eau de toillette

do you have a current favorite?

xo Danai

cheryl denise said...

my current scent is chance by chanel...but i'm leaning towards chloe for the wedding!

Nat said...

Gap Dream was my middle school/high school scent! Then I wore polo sport for women in high school. Lucky and Clinique Happy in College. I could go on and on. Ralph Lauren Style was a favorite for years and I wore it to my wedding but it's been discontinued since.