February 23, 2012

Beauty Review: Benefit Watt's Up!

After reading many beauty blogs over the last year, and seeing a blogger's beauty routine here, I decided I needed to add a highlighter to my makeup repertoire. I had used a friend's highlighter and liked the results, but I had completely forgotten about it to tell you the truth.

Here is the line up of products I tried out. The first one I tried was the High Beam, since this is what Julia uses and she always looks so fabulous! It didn't work with my skin tone, so I went on to try Moon Beam (too shimmery) and Sun Beam (too bronzy). Honestly, I also really didn't like the liquid application method. I like to use brushes and tools to apply my makeup and keep my hands fairly clean. Next, I tried That Gal. Although it's billed as a primer, it can be used a highlighter. I had similar complaints with having to use my hands to apply and it was for a much lighter skin tone than my own. Finally, I tried Watt's Up. I loved the application of simply gliding it along my cheek bones, and then using the sponge applicator on bottom to blend it in. It's a perfect champagne color and looks great when the light reflects it. It's also not too shimmery, which I wanted to ensure I steered clear of.

If you're in the market for a highlighter, I'd definitely check out Benefit's extensive line. It's reasonably priced and there are a lot of options for all skin tones!

Disclosure: I was not compensated by Benefit for this post, I simply enjoy their product line and wanted to share with my readers.


Sophie said...

I LOVE Benefit cosmetics, although I'm not too much into using highlighters on a daily basis; it's only too easy to look like a disco ball. When I was a France last year, I used a Biguine highlighter from their limited-edition Marilyn Monroe collection. I liked it very much, not to mention it had a violet scent very much like the YSL Météorites. This is where I commit the biggest beauty crime all along by stocking up on it, while wishing powder cosmetics had a longer shelf life haha!


modestmonnii said...

This was really helpful! I love using a highlighter for reverse contouring of my face (since my skin is relatively dark). Sunbeam sounds like it would be a great choice for me because of the bronze, but is it super shimmery?

Thanks =]

Monnii Bee


cheryl denise said...

honestly, it was too bronzy for me that i hardly even rubbed it in. i suggest trying them all out to see which one works best for you!

Kristen said...

i'm almost out of my high beam, i need to get more!