February 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Party

A couple weeks ago my bridesmaids threw me the most fabulous engagement party ever!! The theme was NYC (since that's where we got engaged) and it couldn't have been executed better. There were so many little details, they really did a phenomenal job. I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate our engagement and am so lucky for such creative friends!

central park: hot dogs, pretzels and fruit fondue, and manhattan map napkins!

chinatown: wontons, eggrolls, dumplings

meatpacking district: strip steak, meatballs

little italy: tortellini and pesto, goat cheese and sausage dip

times square: cheesecake and bagels

upper east side: serendipity's frozen hot chocolate

soho: fruit, veggies, cake bites


Emilie de Vogue said...

it looks so cute! xx


Kristen said...

how cute! that's so thoughtful of them

Sophie said...

Wow, that's definitely one of the best engagement party ideas ever! Bookmarking it immediately! Can your bridesmaids be my bridesmaids?! (In a determinable future ;))


Michelle said...

Presh! So many good food options!