February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day!

This year I am taking my fiance on a date for Valentine's Day. I think it's important to switch it up, since you are in fact celebrating love, I don't think it should be one-sided. So as a surprise, (and hopefully he doesn't read this!) I got us tickets to see GMU (his alma mater) play VCU tonight! VCU went to the final four last year, so this should be a pretty good game. While not a very romantic evening, I know he will love it! He already suffered through seeing The Vow with me this weekend, so I think we're even!


Nat said...

Happy Valentine's day!! I love that you're switching it up, you're right guys deserve to feel the love to! Have fun at the game

Stavrolino said...

Happy Valentines Day!I hope you will have a great time!
…All in Style…!

patty and lo said...

Sounds romantic and totally fun. happy Valentine's Day!!