February 3, 2012

EVERY day is a Fashion Show!

This is one of my all-time favorite savings, and I use it quite often. When I was younger and taking forever to get ready, my mom would say, “it’s just the grocery store, not fashion show.” Thus my retort was always, every day is a fashion show mom!  <insert rolling eyes here>

Whether you’re running out to grab a sandwich from Subway, or going on a date, you should always [want to] look your best. This means = NO UGGS! While super comfy and warm, Uggs are seriously an over worn trend. Yes, I still wear them to work every day (in the winter) because 1. I have to stand a bus stop for only God knows how long and 2. I then have to walk to work, and I seriously despise the cold! Otherwise, those puppies go right back in the closet. 

Running errands after the gym, also a no-no. Don’t you want to look presentable when you make an appearance in society? No one wants to see you sweaty, gross and lacking makeup. Not to in mention tennis shoes. Shower up, get dressed in actual clothes and put on some earrings.

PSA complete.


Nat said...

Haha love this post! I still love my Uggs but I really only wear them to and from work. TOMS have replaced my Uggs as semi-ugly errand running shoes.

cheryl denise said...

TOMS have been my go-to for errands now too! :)

Stavrolino said...

...I totally agree with you!!!...They are warm and confortable...but we mustn't wear them EVERYWHERE...:D
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Sophie said...

Frankly, I think shoes like Uggs and Toms and God knows what are an insult to fashion. The message is clear: "not even willing to try to look fashionable". I can't believe how people adhere to what this represents willingly. Of course, it's understandable to wear them when it's snowing and all, although there are snow boots that are at the same time fashionable and practical. For warmer days, one can wear wedges or ballet flats. Chic, and comfortable. Maybe not as comfortable as Uggs and Toms, but well, people (most of them, at least), don't go to work or on a date in old pajamas because they're simply more comfortable than jeans or pants and appropriate clothing.


Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

LOVE! Great to remember to always look your best. With you on Uggs - there are other options!

Michelle said...

Haha! Preach!! It's terrible here in Tejas too...


L.A. in the bay said...

so upsetting. I love my uggs. I don't care, they are comfy as hell!