June 2, 2011

Red Flower

Gardenia is one of my very favorite scents of all time, followed closely by peonies. A couple months ago I was using the restroom at Kenmare NYC and a candle was burning that smelled absolutely enchanting. The scent made such an impression on me that I told my friend to go check it out. She too loved, and stole the sticker from the bottom of the candle so we could research who made it. The scent: spanish gardenia, the company: red flower. Bonus – they have a japanese peony scent!

The website is one of the most uplifting sites I’ve ever seen. It’s very spiritual and reminds me of a yoga studio. I can almost smell the gardenia as I browse through.

a flower ritual
everything you need is
in your head and memories,
in all that your senses provide,
in all that you’ve seen and heard
and thought and absorbed.
red flower just sits by you and
reminds you to live life and enjoy.

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Pepe said...

i have a cinnabun candle that is the truth