June 20, 2011

Trend: Fedoras

Fedoras are another hot summer accessory that shouldn’t be overlooked. What’s great is that both guys and girls can rock this look! For warmer months, it’s best to buy one that is made of straw or linen, so that you won’t overheat.

How you position the hat on your head is another important aspect. Ensure that it sits level and snug, you don’t want to look like Charlie Chaplin with a hat positioned on top of your head. Let's also talk about tilting. A slight tilt to the left or right is fine. However, please do not tilt it down so that it covers your face. We’re not hip hop artists here, we’re fashionistas!

There are a lot of different cuts of fedoras, so be sure to try it on first to confirm a good look. Check out what celebs are wearing this trend, and which brands I suggest.


Pepe said...

fedoras=thumbs down

Melissa said...

I will definitely be getting one for those days when my hair is flat but I still want to look cute. Great suggestions on styles!