June 10, 2011

Rules of Summer

South Beach Miami circa 2010

As I get older (and closer to baby-making time), I realize there are so many things I want to do before my life is overcome by another. Since it's been in the 90s everyday this week, it's become very apparent that summer is here!! A la Cupcakes and Cashmere, I've made a list of things I want to do before Labor Day.

1. Go to a winery I've never been to before
I live in Loudoun County, where winieries are bountiful, so it will be easy to visit plenty that I've never been to

2. Attend a food festival 
Taste of [insert town name here] are always so fun to go to!

3. See fireworks
It seems easy enough, but sadly there have been many 4th of July's that have gone by without them

4. Go to the beach
Even if just for the day! However, my company just added 5 days to our PTO, so I'm thinking we could squeeze in a whole weekend

5. Take a walk after dinner with the bf and dog, at least once a week
Not only does Elsie "have a little extra loving" (says her vet), but we can always use some extra exercise, and I love the weather on summer evenings!

6. Successfully grow my own tomatoes
I see a sprout already! I eat tons of tomatoes, and it just makes sense to grow them myself

7. Go to an outdoor concert
Tarara winery hosts concerts in the summer, so I could potentially kill two birds with one stone

8. Rent bikes in DC and ride along the Potomac
I miss living in the city (even though I'd much rather live anywhere than MD/DC/VA), and they have tons of paths around the water to run/walk/bike

9. Paint our master bathroom
It's a miserable light moss green that goes with nothing. We chose a creamy beige, that will be accented with dark plum

10. Go to a drive-in movie theatre
The bf claims there is one around here...we shall see...


ekuwano said...

1. Where is there a drive in movie theater?
2. I love taste of ______ and I wish DC still did one
3. I should have gotten a shout out for the fireworks too ;)

Michelle said...

Austin has the BEST outdoor concert called Austin City Limits http://www.aclfestival.com/. If you are planning any trips for later this year this is definitely the place to be! :)