June 14, 2011

Trend: Turbans

I think turbans are one of the hottest accessories of the season! They are such a unique trend, and I love seeing celebrities rocking them. The only downside is that not everyone can pull off this look. Sure you can try, and maybe your friends won't let you know. But it’s like the crocheted hats from the past few fall seasons; the style only looks good on some people.  

Julia from Gal Meets Glam posted a fabulous tutorial on how to get the look, posted here. She looks great in a turban, doesn't she?!

Sarah Jessica Parker
Kourtney Kardashian

Eugenia Kim Lula Turban


cheryl denise said...
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Julie said...

Always loved the turban look!


Shanaynay said...

MMmmm hmm girlfriend! I'd do the same but I cant since girlfriend spent bank on this here weave..ok!