June 30, 2011

libby. edelman

Those who enjoy Sam Edelman's fabulous shoes will be happy to learn about a new brand: libby. edelman (yes, the period after libby is intentional). As you may have guessed, Libby is Sam's wife and mother to their three children. She always had a love for fashion, and even helps in the design process of his shoes. Finally, she decided to create her own line of footwear, to show the world that mom's can be stylish too!

Over the weekend I came across these fabulous flats that made me gasp when I saw them! Leopard with a pink bow, yes please! Her style is chic, with just the right amount of spunk. I can't wait to wear them and see what is in store for the fall! Best part - her collection is half the price of Sam Edelman's.


Bethany Heron said...

Loving your blog babe :) x
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LOLA FINN said...

Oh, those shoes are so cute!!!

Chandra M. said...

These shoes are adorable! I love the over sized bow!

Follow back?

Michelle said...

I gasped when I read this post! I am a huge fan of Sam Edelman's! Did you happen to come across the libby.edelman's at Nordstrom? And at half the price, I need to go get a pair now! Thanks for sharing :)

cheryl denise said...

No I found them at a boutique, south moon under. Luckily the store has an online shop where they sell her designs. Hopefully nordys will carry the line soon!

Ashleigh Duncan said...

These shoes are gorgeous.

I love how the animal print contrasts with the neat soft satin bow - these are just the kind of shoes I love to wear!



Telena said...

Great Getting Introduced to your blog via DCFABB! Yes Ive seen some of the libby shoes. they are super cuteee. : )

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love those so much! By the wayy, I'm following your blog. I hope you will check out my blog.

MalanB said...

i am loving these shoes especially because they are flats. The bow is a great look!