July 1, 2011


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson have always had a flare for style and I have had a life-long admiration for them as businesswomen and as fashion icons. Their newest collection is a t-shirt line for StyleMint. I was lucky enough to get early access to see the what it was all about.

It's unique process allows you to fill out a style profile and based on your answers, a group of t-shirts are selected just for you. The style profile provides photos things such as clothing, accessories, retail shops, etc. and uses those to determine what t-shirt best suits your style. Each month they send you a new round of your "top styles" and you can purchase for only $29.99. MK+A designer styles for under $30 bucks? Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

Here are the top styles that were recommended for me...I am definitely onboard with the first look. I can't wait to see what other styles are in store for me!


jae said...

lucky you, i can't wait to check it out!
also, thank you so much for voting it means alot!


Michelle said...

I love it! My Top Pick was totally something I would buy.