July 18, 2011

Trend: Oversized Watches

This isn't so much a new trend, but it is one that I love! The watch you wear makes a statement about your style. I love big, chunky watches that could pass for a man's watch (my dad recently asked me if the watch I was wearing was a man's watch). An oversized watch is such a statement piece that you can easily get by with minimal other jewelry.

My go to is my Michele; perfectly girly with the 36 diamonds. Most of my jewelry is platinum/white gold/silver, so it goes with what I wear most days.

Next in line is my Michael Kors in yellow gold. I love the shape of the face, in between square and circle. The gold jewelry I do have, I wear mostly in the summer, so what is when I tend to wear this one more.

I have had a soft spot for rose gold since it hit the market; the pink tone is so feminine and chic. I had my eye on a watch for awhile, but held back until Nordy's sent me an email about their anniversary sale (which ironically had a photo of the watch in that very same email!) So this weekend I purchased my very latest, and by far largest, watch to add to my collection. This will be a great transitional watch to wear from summer to fall...I am already envisioning all the outfits I will pair it with!


Emily said...

I love the look of oversize watches, but I always have trouble finding ones that don't fall off my wrist! One day...

cheryl denise said...

emily - any dept store, or jewelry kiosk, will be able to take links out of the watch so it fits you better!