July 7, 2011

Style Me Chic: Shorts

Reader Brittany writes in:

“I am 5'7'' with extremely long legs but a very short torso.  I love the idea of wearing shorts out in the evening for a different look but what kind of tops can I wear that don't accentuate my short torso but which aren't too long for the shorts?”

The key here is to avoid pairing high waist shorts with tucked in shirts; this will accentuate your short torso. While this is a trendy look right now, it’s not for your body type. What will work, is coupling a pair of shorts with a longer top, allowing it to cover at least half of the shorts (you don't need to show off the entire short, unless you are wearing high waist shorts). This will give the illusion that you have a longer torso. I won’t give you any tips on how to play down long legs though – because that is an asset you want to show off!!

Here are some looks I put together for a night out on the town in shorts...

*leave the blazer open, to allow the lace top show


Hoyt said...

Great post! I'm loving the first look - very California casual!



ekuwano said...

love this! very educational!

Melissa said...

I love these looks and will definitely be incorporating them into my wardrobe!