July 8, 2011

Alphabet Me

a - a peek of chic
b - boom boom room + nyc. best. bar. ever.
c - cupcakes. georgetown cupcake, to be specific
d - dreaming of honeymooning on the french riviera (one day!)
e - elsie, my fabulous beagle/jack russell mix
f - french fries. fave food everrr!
g - grateful for all the blessings in my life
h - hammock. realllllly really want one!!
i - inspirational quotes that i used to collect during my college years
j - jam. i want to make homemade raspberry jam...sooner than later
k - kardashians. yes, i love celebrities, and kim, kourtney & khloe are some of my fave!
l - lightning bugs. makes me so happy to see them on warm summer evenings
m - magazines. when i'm not finding inspiration through blogs, magazines envelop me
n - nyc. best city ever!
o - organza. i just love this word - not sure about the actual fabric...
p - peonies, my favorite flower
q - quitting social smoking
r - reading for pleasure is something i do on my hour commute into work
s - sun. i need more in my life
t - tomatoes, that i am growing organically this season
u - uggs. the ONLY thing i like about winter
v - virginia tech. go hokies!
w - wishing for a chanel bag one day...
x - marks the spot with a circle and a dot (couldn't think of anything :))
y - yoga nourishes my soul
z - zebra print comes in a close second to my love for leopard print


ekuwano said...

LOVE "b"!!

Leigh said...

really cool post! i love french fries, hammocks, and yoga, and i want a chanel bag too! :)