July 26, 2011

What Not To Wear

A hat and sunglasses - together. Unless you're a celeb, trying to fly under the radar, it just looks over-accessorized. I personally think it's also uncomfortable. While wearing fedoras this summer, I've tried on sunglasses, and it just didn't fit right. Perhaps it's because my sunglasses are oversized. Darcy Rhone (from Something Borrowed & Something Blue) also agrees with my sentiments on this subject.

Megan Fox - only ok because she's trying to be inconspicuous
As with every rule, there are exceptions. The look below is an example of how you can pair the two, and it can work. Even still, I prefer it sans-sunglasses, so as to give more attention to the gorgeous hat!

This chick rocks both accessories well, while attending a [sunny] horse race