April 19, 2012

Fashion Star: Week 6

Have I mentioned that I miss being a buyer?! I have a 95% accuracy rate of determining what store will buy what product. But I digress. Here's my wrap up:

I really think Saks should have fought harder for this jacket...it's so much more them, than Macy's! And as usual, the photo doesn't show the amazing details of this piece. I would have loved to have this piece in my closet, but as usual, it's sold out.

Macy's, $99

Quintessential H&M lingerie...this was a given!
H&M, $14.95


Alexa said...

The H&M lingerie is gorgeous!

Nat said...

Would you ever go back to being a buyer? It seems like such a fun job. My SIL used to be a cosmetics buyer for QVC. I am so far behind on Fashion star too!

cheryl denise said...

if there were a position available in DC - in a heartbeat!!! but unfortunately there isn't a big market in this area, and my fiance's job keeps us here. oh well!

Unknown said...

Love that H&M lingerie- how cute! I can't wait till we get our H&M here so I can shop there!