April 26, 2012

Fashion Star: Week 7

This week there was only one item that I really loved...however, I loved the one I saw on the show. They had this gown in cream, with the back sash in black sequins (or sparkles of some sort). However, the only options available to purchase online are the black and red. Perhaps it is in stores, though.

I was absolutely shocked that this dress got bought. There is so much extra fabric around the waist - what woman wants additional fabric here?! Even on a stick thin woman, it still is not flattering. And for those are aren't of model proportions, it simply accentuates your mid section, and no one wants that. Although I guess I'm not surprised that H&M was the one who bought...their clothes have never been a good fit on me.


Nat said...

Wow the dress Macy's bought is gorgeous! I have to agree on the H&M dress not a flattering cut at all.

Cassidy Lee said...

Really love that Macy's dress! I wish I saw it on the show, I love cream but I really like it in black, too. I agree as I don't love that H&M dress, but I suppose they must have seen something in it to buy the dress!