April 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Resort Booked!

I can officially say that we are getting married at the Rockhouse Hotel!!!! Not to mention, I can finally proceed with making plans. I've already put the down payment for the photographer and ordered save the dates! It's all finally coming together and I can hardly wait to dive in head first to planning!

Villas at the Rockhouse Hotel

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Nat said...

Oh my god how gorgeous!!! Wow that place is breathtaking! I think it's a great call on the small intimate wedding. That is what I originally wanted but my mom is into to big lavish events and since they were paying I couldn't really fight her on it, but if I did it again I would do small, intimate, and destination.

cheryl denise said...

Probably the only benefit of paying for my own wedding...I get to choose everything I want :)