August 1, 2011

Fashion Icon: Victoria Beckham

When the Spice Girls were big in high school, Posh was my absolute favorite. I even copied her style by attaching shoelaces to a pair of heels and tying them up my calves – so hot! It was no surprise to me that she re-entered the scene as a fashion powerhouse. Her style is just edgy enough, and regardless of her hairstyle/color, always looks chic. I for one was deeply saddened that her reality show, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, was only a one-night special and not a series. No worries – I can still follow her and her gorgeous hubby and fam through the paparazzi!

VB told Vogue she would not pose nude while pregnant, but DB captured this flawless photo while she sunbathed

Au natural brunette

VB can even rock flaxen tresses

Long locks, always a good look

Not many women can pull off a pixie look...VB looks stunning!

It's not often you come across a photo of VB with such a big smile...she looks SO genuinely happy here!


Anonymous said...

I agree, I love Victoria Beckham's style and her personality, even though people sometimes judge her of being snob, I believe she's a sweetheart. I also love her Husband ;) he's the best. and Oh! so handsome!!!

nana said...

wow, you really almost never see him smile! I think she does look very high fashion :-)