August 30, 2011

Rent the Runway

I have been a member of Rent the Runway since it opened, but hadn't yet used the service until this past weekend for a wedding. I was all set to rent this fabulous dress...who can name what movie this dress was featured in?

Well last Monday I received a call that one of the sizes I ordered (they allow you to choose your regular size, and then go up or down one size, for free!) came back from the last renter completely ruined. So I had to choose another dress to receive in case the other size did not fit.  Since it was just a few days before they were to send the dress, the selection was limited. I ended up selecting the dress below, which I ended up really loving! It was a difficult decision on which to wear to the wedding. I contemplated a wardrobe change for the reception, but didn't want to take away from the bride, so I decided against it.

All in all it was a good experience and I would likely use the service again. Have you tried it out? How was your experience?


Kristen said...

such a bummer about the first dress! the second one is really cute, i have used rent the runway, but everyone posts such great things abut it.

cheryl denise said...

i actually ended up liking the second dress more, so it worked out well :)

Emily said...

I use Rent the Runway all the time! Perfect for soroity and fraternity functions that I know I would never rewear the dress for anyway. I'm actually ordering that same Robert Rodriguez in silver for my birthday!

xoxo Emily

cheryl denise said...

i WISH they had this back when i was in many events i could have used it for!!! oh well, at least ya'll have it now :)