August 25, 2011

Style Me Chic: Laptop Bag

Reader Michele is looking for a new laptop bag. She travels 18 days out of the month, so she needs something functional, even though she would prefer fashionable. Her primary request was that it have wheels. She also prefers a black or charcoal color, but followed up by saying she'd be interested in a more edgy feel. There are a couple of options below in red, which I would highly suggest to give it a little more style. Over the past few years she has had a variety of Tumi bags, so I did not review those options, as she is aware of their collection.

(also available in red and green)

(also available in red

(also available in red)

The functional bags I found were not the most stylish, so I added in a few more, just in case she ever decided to want two options!

(also available in black and multicolor)
Prada Nylon

While this is not specific to carrying a laptop, it certainly is the perfect size and I love the look!

(also available in olive)

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lmheer said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions! I just ordered the Prada one. Its soft and light so it can fit in the larger bag and use it when I just need to carry just the laptop.