August 9, 2011

How Young is Too Young?

For a Vogue cover, that is. The world is a buzz about the 10-year old french supermodel, Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, who recently posed for the cover of French Vogue. Wearing a $3 million necklace and sky high stilettos, she certainly makes a statement. What are your thoughts? Child exploitation or a jump start to promising young model's career?


Bow Tied Beauty said...

Way way too young! Seeing that amount of make up and those shoes on a 10 year old girl doesn't seem right.


L.A. in the bay said...

just came across your blog :)
and i think it's way too young. Even though she's obviousily a little knock out, she should wait till she's atleast 13 or 14.


Hannah said...

Just found your blog through DC FABB. I'd have to say that 10 is way, way to young. This super creeps me out. Maybe if she was styled like a young lady, but she just looks like a miniature adult and it is very off putting. Weird.

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

That is kinda creepy. But Elle Fanning is about the same age & she models too and I love her. Just found your blog! :)