August 6, 2011

Trend: Bold Heels

Check out the heels that you will be wearing this fall! The thick heel, with a 70's vibe, is the highlight of all the designer's fall collections. Click on any photo below for more information. Click here for the blue sandals on the bottom right.

What do you think of this heel? Will you be purchasing a similar style for your fall wardrobe? 


Beautiful Nothings said...

I'm loving the thick heel, was just lusting over a pair on asos! I need to get me some.. :)

Katherine said...

Gorgeous!! Thicker heels are also more comfy I find :)

Kristen said...

i like how it looks, but idk if i'd buy a pair ONLY because i'm not a shoe person and tend to buy shoes that are more versatile or classic so i can wear them a lot and over the years